The rise of the mercury in the thermometer and the days getting longer herald the arrival of the hottest time of the year. Even in our latitudes we’re slowly getting used to maximum daytime temperatures reaching 40°C. With a series of tropical days and nights, residential buildings start to overheat, which is going to make the inside of your flat baking. You have numerous options to combat the heat and bamboo Venetian blinds can be a very useful tool in this fight.

Cooling down your flat in the middle of a hot summer is no mean feat

If you have to literally sweat through the high temperatures inside your flat every summer, we say it’s time for a change. Your first course of action could very well be various “old wives’ tales” about the importance of good ventilation at night, having enough houseplants or hanging up damp sheets around your windows. Some of these tips are bound to work. So is turning on a fan. A fan can make a small difference, but it won’t deliver your salvation as it simply circulates the already hot air. Portable air conditioners are another option, but they’re quite noisy and often not very effective. You also need to provide an exhaust for the hot air, which often means leaving the window ajar.

Rooms overheating during the summer are not uncommon to Soviet-era prefabs or even many newly constructed buildings. The only genuine relief comes from installing air conditioning, certainly not a cheap solution. In addition to budgeting for the purchase, you should also consider increased energy consumption which will transfer to your utility bills. However, with a mix of effective solutions, it is possible to keep your cooling costs within reasonable limits.

Shading plays an essential part

Shading technology plays a crucial role in combating heat. This is not only by shielding the inside from harsh sunlight and protecting your privacy, but also by having insulating properties on its own. It’s no coincidence that low-energy homes are often fitted with hefty external roller Venetian blinds to deflect much of the heat from the outside. On the other hand, it would be increasingly difficult to get external roller Venetian blinds installed on the windows of a regular residential building, and even if, it certainly won’t be cheap.

With the most common shading method for flats being Venetian blinds, it’s worth knowing that choosing the right material can become a highly effective “weapon” in the fight against the summer heat. If the sun is hitting your window shaded by aluminium Venetian blinds, expect them getting scorching hot. While aluminium Venetian blinds do provide shade, they do next to nothing to prevent the outside heat from getting in.

bambusove horizontalne zaluzie

Bamboo Venetian blinds for your flat

The thermal insulation properties of bamboo won’t let you down

If you don’t feel like experimenting or spending hundreds or thousands of euros on air conditioning, and are looking for a solution that’s effective (not only) in the summer, go with bamboo Venetian blinds. Bamboo is a natural material known for its remarkable insulation properties, among other things. In addition to creating a pleasant, cosy atmosphere, it also admits significantly less heat inside your home. Depending on the specific conditions, you can achieve a temperature drop of 2.5 to 3°C compared to aluminium Venetian blinds.

In flats and other smaller spaces, every degree Celsius counts. This makes bamboo Venetian blinds a solid addition even if you rely on air conditioning for cooling. You won’t need to use it as quite as much, translating into energy savings for you in the long run. When choosing your new Venetian blinds, it’s certainly worth considering their ability to insulate heat.