Indoor Venetian blinds are for many an integral part of flats, houses, offices and commercial premises. However, in order for them to do their job and give you the shading you would expect, proper installation is essential. We’ll explain the different methods of installing Venetian blinds and why you should leave this process to the professionals.

Have you already found the Venetian blinds you like that also meet your requirements, or are you still making up your mind? If you’re still undecided or don’t know how to choose, read our article on the reasons why you’ll fall in love with bamboo Venetian blinds. But if you already have decided, now all that’s left to do is choosing the installation method depending on the window, the surrounding space and your preferences. Before we look at how to install Venetian blinds, let’s have an overview of the three most common installation methods. To be even more specific, let’s use bamboo Venetian blinds as an example.

Which method of installing Venetian blinds is right for you?

Indoor Venetian blinds can be installed in a variety of ways, the most suitable of which will be determined by the specific type of the window, the width of the slats or your expectations.

Let’s say you want bamboo Venetian blinds with 27 mm slats. You can go with the ISO design, where the Venetian blinds are fitted to the windowpane, or Classic with installation that fits to the window sashes. In case of large-format Venetian blinds with 50 mm slats, installation above the window opening or on the wall is a common and sometimes the only possible solution.

It’s worth mentioning that bamboo Venetian blinds can also be installed on windows of atypical dimensions. In this case, however, an expert should definitely have a look at the window beforehand and assess which installation method is most suitable.

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Installation methods for bamboo Venetian blinds

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get it over with… or would you rather not?

If you already have your preferred installation method, all that’s left to do is to get to work. Every Venetian blinds installation starts with a meticulous preparation of the installation material and accessories. Before you start doing anything, it’s essential to correctly measure the window (either the inner or outer dimensions, or to cover the entire window), while also taking into account the chosen installation method.

The measuring phase requires both utmost precision and experience. With unprofessional installation, it often happens that the measuring is not only inaccurate, but also completely incorrect. The Venetian blinds are then installed crooked or don’t cover the entire window.

Installation package, hooks, cordlocks, brackets, spacers, bearing housings, clips, and tilters. Have we forgotten anything? The long list of parts may startle you even before you start installation. Each part has its place, and you can’t leave any of them out if you want your Venetian blinds work like a “well-trained orchestra”.

Once the individual components are assembled and lined up, it’s on to the installation part. You’ll need steady hands and fine motor control, but also a power drill, screwdrivers, and additional tools. Be sure to avoid careless mistakes or imprecision, as it can lead to irreversible damage to the window frame and also to the Venetian blinds themselves. Skimping on the installation just isn’t worth it for that reason and we always recommend leaving it to the professionals.

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Installation of Venetian blinds is in the details

Why should you leave the installation of Venetian blinds to professionals?

As we’ve already outlined above, buying Venetian blinds from an e-shop and installing them yourself upon delivery can end up in a disaster. Even if you figure out how to install your Venetian blinds, remember that the process is more complicated than it seems. You would also be taking a big risk. Not only could you damage your window, but you won’t even be able to return the disassembled or damaged Venetian blinds to the retailer. And the result? A damaged window with no Venetian blinds and your money gone for good.

Many unintentional mistakes can be made during unprofessional installation. To illustrate, let’s talk about two of the biggest ones. With installation of Venetian blinds to fit the windowpane, the wrong screw can cause the entire glass pane to crack. Another common mistake when installing larger Venetian blinds is the wrong choice of anchoring material for mounting them above the window. In that case, the Venetian blinds can fall off with use after only a short period of time.

Who’s your best bet?

Buying new Venetian blinds and without figuring out who you can trust with the installation might land you in the hot seat. If you decide on bamboo Venetian blinds from our offer, check out the Retailers section to find our partner companies that sell and install our Venetian blinds. As we only work with the best, you can rest assured that each of our partners will install your bamboo Venetian blinds the right way.