Saying that Venetian blinds are suitable for every window may seem far-fetched, but it’s not all that far from reality. Whether we’re talking about small or large windows, or windows with atypical dimensions, indoor Venetian blinds will provide the desired sense of privacy as well as effective shading. We’ll help you choose Venetian blinds for large-format windows.

Are you in need of effective shading? Venetian blinds are the solution even for large windows!

Although the range of available shading technology today broad, Venetian blinds remain extremely popular. For many, installing Venetian blinds is a no-brainer because they realise that their windows simply won’t be complete without Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds have become a staple feature in many homes, but that doesn’t make them a cliché. On the contrary, you can choose from a variety of materials, colours, sizes and mounting methods.

The slats aren’t simply a functional and practical element, they’ll also become an integral visual part of the interior of your flat or house. An accessory without which you can no longer imagine your own home. But to make all this happen, it’s important to make the right choice – also with regard to the dimensions of your windows. Guess what! Indoor Venetian blinds have been keeping up with the times.

Large windows are becoming increasingly popular

If you open any the current real estate brochure or keep an eye on the latest residential development projects, you’ll notice that large-format windows are becoming increasingly popular. They are integral for creating an airy interior and provide plenty of natural light while looking very modern.

Large windows will for sure be a source of delight in spring and autumn, but that may not be the case in winter and summer. They can cause heat loss in winter, especially if they’re not properly insulated. And during those hot summer days, large-format windows can be significant contributors to overheating and increased cooling costs through air conditioning. It’s therefore obvious that rooms with large-format windows will require proper shading technology. Venetian blinds are up to the task with no hesitation.

bambusove zaluzie velkoformatove

Bamboo Venetian blinds provide suitable shade larger surfaces

Choosing Venetian blinds for large windows

When choosing shading technology for large windows, you might want to consider exterior blinds. Although this is a functional element, keep in mind that a large glass surface will look cold and uninviting from the inside. In comparison, internal Venetian blinds hold a major advantage in complementing the indoor space and enhancing your sense of privacy.

When choosing indoor Venetian blinds, remember that there are several slat formats available. For large-format windows, we highly recommend indoor Venetian blinds with 50 mm slats, simply following one rule – large surfaces need large elements. As far as the material is concerned, there’s no shortage of options either. Bamboo Venetian blinds with 50 mm slats are worthy competitors for the perfect match to large-format windows. They are durable, available in a variety of colours, have thermal insulation properties and create the perfect sense of privacy.

Finally, it will be very important to consider the controls in case of large-format Venetian blinds. To make it easier to “move” the larger slats, you might consider a motorised control system which is particularly suitable for large glass surfaces. These systems can be integrated with various smart home solutions and your Venetian blinds can be set to retract automatically after sunset. Naturally, you can always choose the traditional pull cord controls adapted to the size of your Venetian blinds.