Having a window in the bathroom can be a boon for several reasons. Firstly, it creates rapid and effective ventilation, allows daylight into the bathroom and makes the space appear larger. Bathrooms featuring a window feel more airy, which will be certainly appreciated by anyone struggling with claustrophobia. However, windows go hand in hand with shading. When choosing Venetian blinds for your bathroom, it’s useful to follow a few basic principles.

Why do you need high-quality shading for your bathroom?

We’ve already explained the advantages of having a window in the bathroom, but we have yet to delve into the issue of shading. There are certain situations where you may want to shade off your bathroom window. You’ll likely feel more comfortable doing your evening routine with Venetian blinds hiding you from the prying eyes of your neighbours, giving you some much-needed privacy. If you choose Venetian blinds made from the right material, you can also enjoy their thermal insulation properties which will come in handy during the hot summer days. The space of the bathroom won’t overheat during daytime.

And let’s not forget the particular nature of the conditions in the bathroom. We don’t need to talk about cramped spaces or problems with choosing furniture that fits. Bathrooms are actually subject to more moisture, and large and frequent temperature changes, than anywhere else. After all, you may already be familiar with the following – you take one long soak in the bathtub and the humidity inside the bathroom immediately jumps to 100%.

Bamboo Venetian blinds are an ideal solution for the bathroom

The range of materials available for Venetian blinds is broad. Due to the specific conditions inside most bathrooms, it’s worthwhile to opt for materials with low water absorption, high durability, and excellent shading features. Bamboo Venetian blinds are an excellent choice in this regard, as they stand up to high humidity and tolerate less than gentle handling. They can also be manufactured for atypically shaped windows. They’ll see you through hot summer days with “flying colours” as they effectively help insulate the heat coming from the outside.

Matching bamboo Venetian blinds with your tiles, wall colour or bathroom furniture won’t be a problem either. The natural look of bamboo will also make your bathroom a little cosier; it will no longer feel so cold and sterile. However, you’re not limited in this regard either because bamboo slats are available in the traditional brown design, as well as black or white and many other colours.

Biele žalúzie zladené s kuchyňou

Bamboo Venetian blinds will also brighten your kitchen

Venetian blinds made from bamboo for your bathroom and beyond

Kitchen is yet another room where furniture and other accessories are potentially exposed to higher material stress and risk damage. Again, the space is often limited and moisture, various fumes and spillage of liquids, to name just a few of the countless minor and major cooking “mishaps”, are all commonplace in kitchens.

If you have a window right above to the kitchen sink, or within “shooting distance” of the stove, the choice of the material for the slats becomes quite important. Fabric or paper roller blinds are unsuitable for kitchens – they’ll get dirty and tear easily, making them more of a temporary fix. Even though you may be tempted by their low price point, the need to replace them on a regular basis will overcome any initial savings. It makes more sense to invest in a more durable solution.

Venetian blinds with bamboo slats are a solid option, doing a top-notch job even in the harsh environment of the kitchen. They are flexible, so you don’t have to worry about bending them by accident, easy to clean, and high humidity won’t a problem either.