The wide range of materials used in shading technology can actually make your choice more difficult. It takes time and some knowledge to navigate all the different solutions available. If you’re currently looking for interior Venetian blinds, you should definitely consider bamboo too, as bamboo Venetian blinds are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Why’s that? We rounded up 5 reasons why you too will fall in love with bamboo Venetian blinds.

Does it make more sense to go with the more affordable plastic, stronger aluminium or some natural material such as wood or bamboo? Venetian blinds and roller Venetian blinds for windows are made from many materials, each with its own unique advantages. Same as in other areas, we can follow trends in shading technology too, and bamboo Venetian blinds have been gaining a lot of attention. That’s no coincidence, as they combine several features to provide reliable performance in many homes and make their owners happy.

1. Excellent shading and insulation properties

Let’s start with the most important reason. Bamboo Venetian blinds give you effective protection from sunlight, as well as from the neighbour’s prying eyes – they are absolutely reliable in this regard. With just a slight turn of the wand, you can easily create an air of cosiness and privacy in your home. With high-quality Venetian blinds, you can also count on the slats featuring a UV-protective coating, so even after a few years, the material won’t degrade.

Bamboo Venetian blinds are also ideal if you suffer from high indoor temperatures during the hot summer months. Bamboo is a wonderful insulator and deflects a lot more heat from the indoors than aluminium, for example. The difference can be quite significant; a room with bamboo Venetian blinds will be about 2.5 to 3°C cooler than a room being “heated” by aluminium Venetian blinds.

Ukážka tieniacich vlastností bambusových žalúzii

Bamboo Venetian blinds offer excellent shading properties

2. Easy maintenance

Even the best Venetian blinds require maintenance from time to time. But with bamboo Venetian blinds, this is nothing too complicated. The slats are flexible, so cleaning them is quite simple and can be done as part of your normal cleaning routine. In this regard, let’s not forget that while wooden slats are relatively prone to breakage and thin aluminium slats can be easily bent, bamboo Venetian blinds have no risk of anything like that due to the flexibility of their slats. Thanks to this flexibility, bamboo Venetian blinds will remain good as new, even years after installation.

3. Outstanding longevity

Every interior element you use on a daily basis should be sufficiently reliable and durable. Venetian blinds are no exception. Bamboo as a material stands out for its longevity and durability. We treat our Venetian blinds to be resistant to high humidity, which also makes them a suitable choice for bathrooms or indoor swimming pools. And you likely already know that bamboo is not only used to make the slats for Venetian blinds, but also in furniture, simple construction and flooring. With its longevity and durability, bamboo will never disappoint.

4. Suitable for all window types

Bamboo is a fairly easy material to work with. In practice, this means that bamboo Venetian blinds can be adapted to windows with atypical dimensions. There’s no need to compromise, you can have bamboo Venetian blinds made for every single window in your home.

Vhodnosť bambusových žalúzii na rôzne druhy okien

Bamboo Venetian blinds can be adapted to any window

5. Natural material

Natural materials with an emphasis on the environment are becoming increasingly popular, which is also true for interior design. Our bamboo Venetian blinds are manufactured sustainably and from resources that do no harm to the environment. Bamboo not only grows very quickly, but is also quite easy to cultivate. In practice, this means that bamboo will thrive without chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Once the Venetian blinds reach the end of their life cycle, the bamboo slats can be recycled.

There are many more reasons to love bamboo Venetian blinds and we’re certain that you’ll discover yours too. We’ll be excited to give you a non-binding quote so you can find that bamboo is the right choice.