Furnishing a new home entails so many decisions. It’s not enough to just match the colours of the materials; you also need to choose functional and high-quality solutions to make your home a nice place to live. The choice of shading technology is a chapter on its own. To make things easier for you, we’ve identified the factors you should pay attention to before choosing bamboo Venetian blinds.

Why choose bamboo Venetian blinds in the first place?

Before we give you any tips for making the right choice, let’s address the question of why you should go with bamboo Venetian blinds. Firstly, bamboo is a natural material suitable to bring new life to both traditional and modern interior designs. At the same time, bamboo Venetian blinds will give you plenty of privacy as their shading properties are truly outstanding. The flexibility of the slats and their resistance to moisture or mechanical damage pose an undeniable advantage of bamboo Venetian blinds.

Let’s also not forget the wide range of options for customisation, both in terms of dimensions and installation methods, or in terms of colour. However, to get the most satisfaction from your new Venetian blinds and the best value for your money, it’s important to know how to choose right. With to these tips, you can’t make a mistake when choosing.

Pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship

For Venetian blinds to function a long time so you can enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, it’s essential they’re made of high-quality and durable materials. It doesn’t pay to skimp in this regard, as lower quality bamboo has significantly lower durability and a shorter longevity. It’s not unheard of that 2 or 3 years after installation your Venetian blinds will be reduced to rubbish.

Therefore, when choosing bamboo Venetian blinds, choose quality. Ask about the sourcing of the material, the fibre concentration and, last but not least, the precision of the workmanship. Before making the final decision, we definitely recommend that you go and see the bamboo Venetian blinds for yourself.

Detailný pohľad na bambusové lamely

You’ll be able to easily judge the quality of the material by inspecting the bamboo slats up close

Choose a suitable size and installation method

It is no exaggeration that bamboo Venetian blinds can be adapted to virtually any window. You can also choose from three different installation methods. The first is the very elegant ISO Design, where the Venetian blinds are installed to fit the windowpane. One of the most desirable designs is suitable not only for the vast majority of traditional windows, but also for atypically shaped windows.

The second method of installation, called Classic, is where the Venetian blinds are made to fit the window sashes. The head rail is elegantly covered with a bamboo valance. This installation method is likewise perfect if you want to mount your Venetian blinds on a lintel or use them as a room divider.

Finally, you can also choose from slats of different widths, with 27 mm and 50 mm slats being among the best sellers. The 27 mm slats are perfectly suited for traditional windows and the ISO Design installation method. The 50 mm slats are more suitable for larger spaces, for creating zones within a space or for covering larger glass surfaces.

Zladené bambusové žalúzie so štýlovou kúpelňou

Bamboo Venetian blinds will easily blend in with their surroundings

Choose the texture and colour to you like

The last step in your selection process should be choosing the colour or texture of the bamboo. The range here is really broad, allowing you to match the bamboo Venetian blinds flawlessly with your furniture, among other things. You can choose from dark to light colours, and detail-oriented people will also be pleased that the textile tape and controls match the colour of the slats.

If you’re still hesitating in making your choice, contact us and together we’ll find the bamboo Venetian blinds that are perfect for you.